Monday, 3 November 2008

Secret Dossier Deadline EXPIRED!

For those who didn't sign up on time:

You dumb bastard!

You just missed the first secret monthly dossier. It was a doozy!

You can check out the discussion at the Facebook group 1000 Days Of Presence... if you want to beat yourself up more for missing out on the literary/spiritual/philosophical event of the millenia. Nay, the aeon.

For those who DID sign up on time:

You monumental genius!

You just got the first secret monthly dossier. It's a doozy!

You can discuss it HERE in the 1000 Days Of Presence Facebook group.

I'll read all comments and respond to them personally. Much love, and thanks to everyone who got in on the ground floor. You'll always be the coolest ones.

Much love.