Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Whispers Of Stillness

Ok - something cool just happened that I want to share with you.

What I've been doing, to bring everyone up to speed, is to carry around an mp3 player full of Eckhart Tolle, and plugging it into my head whenever I'm not actually doing something that requires me to interact with people.

So at work, I'm just doing work, but come lunchtime I plug in. At the end of lunch I get back to work. At the end of work I plug in, and go home. When I'm interacting with people, flatmates, friends - I unplug. Obviously. Otherwise it's just rude. When I go to bed I plug back in and stay plugged in until I wake up again, when I unplug to have a shower then plug back in for the journey to work.

There's a lot of plugging and unplugging involved. It's very complex.

I also bought some fancy in-ear headphones - they're a lot better than the big-ass chunky headphones I had. Although I did like walking around with massive headphones on looking like an NME reject. Frankly, I look damn sexy, like this guy:

But here's the thing - fancy in-ear headphones, when you take them out, hardly make any noise at all. It's because they're buried in your head that they sound so awesome, so clear and lifelike - but because they're so close to the eardrum the noise they make is very small.

So anyway, I'm at work and I take them out and put them on the desk. I forget to turn them off.

The day passes, and I work as normal. Every now and then I 'Zen out' and stare blankly into space for a little while, then snap out of it. But here's the thing.

The politics of the office - yes, the whole office - start to dissolve around me.

Not kidding. All the little dramas, the "he said she said bullshit" as Mr Durst would put it, starts to break down.

Not by much. It's all very subtle. But it does start breaking down. By the end of the day I've made more progress in bonding with the office than I have in the month I've been there.

Hmm, methinks. Let's see what else this does.

So instead of turning my mp3 off, I instead just let the headphones dangle around my neck. Bear in mind that no-one but me can even hear anything this is so silent. I certainly can't make out any words.

It's just the sibilant and plosive sounds I notice every now and then, just on the edge of my hearing. Just tiny, subtle whispers of stillness.

And all of a sudden I realise just how much anxiety I carry around with me. How paranoid I am, not usually in anything huge or major, but just on an ongoing low level. IT flares up sometimes, but yeah, damn.

Paranoia and anxiety, so interwoven with the way I look at the world that I hardly notice it.

I could never see it before, not really. But it's there and it's so unnecessary. I'm having great conversations with everyone. Not deep lifechanging stuff, just normal banter - but easy, flowing, fun.

People start opening up to me, and I start opening up to people. Fascinating.

It's a subtle effect, and each individual breakthough was in itself tiny and almost irrelevant.

But all through the day there was this underlying stream of sanity, of insight.

Really, don't take my word for this, try it.

So I think - let's see how far we can push this.

Point being it looks like the 1000 days just stepped up a notch. I'm not just listening to Tolle when I can. He's whispering just beneath the level of conscious hearing even when I'm doing other stuff. I'll report on this new development as things progress.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Much love.


Ipero92 said...

First off, lol at the pictures. And now the big question, when do you charge your mp3 player?

P.S. This is oficially the last day of my 30 days blitz, I'm going to test my presence and leave Tolle for a while. However, tomorrow I'll try the whispering stuff. I'll tell you.

Anonymous said...

What audio clips/albums of Tolle are you listening to? Which would you recommend to get from iTunes or where ever you get your mp3s at? Are there any that are free?


Ciaran said...

I charge my mp3 player at night.

And my top tips for now are

1 - A New Earth
2 - Practising The Power Of Now
3 - Stillness Speaks
4 - Through The Open Door
5 - The Realization Of Being
6 - Entering The Now
7 - Living The Liberated Life And Dealing With The Pain Body

They're in no particular order, they all rock.