Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Neck Hurts

The other night I went to sleep with headphones on. Normally I'll take them off to sleep and turn the volume up to max, leaving them beside me so I can hear Tolle gibbering on as I lie drooling in blissful slumber.

This time I stuck the chunky earphones onto my heeeeed. I'm pleasantly surprised that I can snuggle up comfortably on my pilllow with Tolle reverberating at full whack in that hollow boombox I call my skull.

I wake up the next day, feeling Zen as a mountain stream. It's a great feeling, waking up like that. Noticing that I wake up highly alert, and don't had a thought in my head until I'm out the door fully dressed on my way to work. It's pretty cool.

So there I am in work, Zenning away as one does. Lunchtime comes. My neck starts to hurt.

The pain is exactly like you get when you sleep with your head at a funny angle.

It gets worse and worse, stiffer and stiffer.

It still hurts. My neck mobility is hovering somewhere between Batman and Robocop.

Dunno what it is. No other symptoms apart from feeling generally not chipper because my neck hurts.

Thing is Tolle mentions somewhere that physical aches and pains can accompany the dissolution of the pain body. Almost like it's striking out physically as it diminishes. Don't get me wrong, it could well be something far more prosaic like I slept at a dodgy angle due to chunky headphones.

Strange it didn't kick in till mid-afternoon though.

I hope I haven't got meningitis.

No idea what this is, if it's relevant, what it means. But as I'm cataloging this experiment and Tolle himself mentioned things like this, felt I'd flag it up.

Seriously guys, if this is psychosomatic it hurts like a bastard. Motherfucker.



Hardcore said...

Hi Ciaran,

why do you listen to Tolle when you are sleeping ?

Can you influence your subconscious while sleeping o.o I didnt know?

Thank you,

1000DaysOfPresence said...


Listening to Tolle when sleeping is extremely potent.

I remember the first time I did it. Like most good stuff I come up with, it was entirely accidental.

I was listening to Tolle and passed out. Sometimes he can be so soothing he just knocks you unconscious.

I think that's something that happens more when you start listening to his stuff. There's so much pent-up tension in most people (certainly in me) that a lot of people (like I used to) draw their energy from the dark side, so to speak.

If your energy comes from obsession, from that desperate energy that comes from the need to be completed by or draw meaning from what you're doing, you're really running on empty.

You see it in people who are stressed, who live stressed lives. They've become normalised to the stress, it's all they know. I used to be like this.

Once you start dismantling the architecture of desperation and negativity, you can suddenly be hit with a massive weight of fatigue.

That's actually really good. It's just the fatigue that's been building, perhaps sometimes for months or even years, in your psyche.

You sleep like the dead for about 12 hours and wake up feeling more refreshed than you have in years.

But I digress.

I pass out and Tolle's still playing.

I wake up the next morning and the whole day long there's this permanent space of calm inside me.

It was much deeper than anything I'd experienced before. I tried it a few times before this 1000 days began, it always hit me really hard.

As such, I'm now doing it every night for the next three years or so.

I am a nutter. I realise this.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

Hey man.

Just like to point out that listening to loud music regularly through headphones for long periods of time can cause tinnitus and/or permanent hearing loss. This is very serious.

Consider getting an Ipod/mp3 dock type thing maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ciaran. Do you have any tips on how not to NOT create an Ego out of success with women. Yesterday I went out and had some success here and there, now my ego is soking it up and all I can think of is how good I am.

The funny thing is: the more I resist to not create an ego out of it, the more it happens.

I would love to hear your take on this one, because it drives me crazy > I can't do my work normally anymore and you can say that it has become an obsession.

Anonymous said...

Damn man, I totally forgot to ask how your neck is now. I am so so soked up by my Ego. Sorry.

1000DaysOfPresence said...

Ha, worry not my friend. Tis cool. My neck's better - I'm just putting a new post together where I'll explain all, including the latest crazy updates in my neck situation. Oooo.

Seriously though, it's fine. Worry not.

SlayerChick27 said...

i found the chapter on Physical pain vs Psychological pain really interesting. I tested it out, and it kind of weirdly works! Scary at first haha
Bumped my knee at uni on a trolly thing, it hurt BAD, but told myself to focus on the pain, and the psychological pain went away pretty much in about 1 minute or so.
Sadly, the next day, i had a massive purply-brown-red bruise! haha
Anyway, Ecky's theory works! Pretty cool stuff i must admit :)

PS: You gotta write about how u tackled your sore neck using Tolle's theory for us to read. Would be interesting.